Understanding the Categories

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Posts on Mavi’s bLAWg are published under categories for easy reference and guidance on the general subject to which the material relates.

Some articles fall under specific/single categories, while some may overlap. In the event of the latter, the article is published under the different categories it falls under.

The information on this page is a brief guide to understanding the categories of articles published here.

Nigerian LegislatureLegislative Developments

Articles that fall within this category discuss trending legislative matters such as bills proposed for passage into law by any of the legislative arms of government (Federal or State), or proposed amendments, etc. Such matters often overlap with discussions under the category of ‘Nigeria and Its People’ because legislative issues ultimately have an impact on the electorate, whom the legislators represent in Parliament.

Nigerian PeopleNigeria and its People

These articles deal mainly with government policies and proposals that have a direct effect on the Nigerian people. They particularly feature legislative and executive proposals or matters that may duly be considered as public opinion.


These articles are more general than others, touching on several potentially unrelated topic. Mavi’s opinion/commentary on various issues are discussed here, especially articles that may have been featured or published elsewhere e.g. Bella Naija or Thisday Lawyer.

nugget ideaLegal Practice Nuggets

Strictly speaking, these posts are not exactly ‘articles’ as they are short and brief; hence the name ‘nuggets’. They are more like bullet points with fun facts or matters related to legal practice, sharing information which may come in handy when you least expect it.

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