Mavi’s bLAWg is back!

Hi everyone!

So… I’ve been away for quite some time (for personal reasons) but now I’ve decided to pick up writing (again), with the support of my fans (all six of you lol).img_1210

The posts will take a similar form as before, focusing on hot topics (which tend to be somewhat academic). I will also start writing on points that I think may be relevant and/or of interest to some people, regardless of the size of such pool – starting with the first few posts for 2018, which will be a three-part series on some legal considerations for starting a business in Nigeria. As always, I’m open to suggestions, constructive comments/criticism, as well as intelligent debate.

… I should also mention that while I was away, I got myself a second legal qualification as a solicitor of England and Wales. So, don’t be surprised to see a few English law bits and bobs once in a while. I am also currently practicing as a commercial lawyer, so there is a tendency for my blawg posts to be a little commercial. I still remain a Nigerian lawyer, however, so Nigerian LAW will always come first – after all, this is a bLAWg focused on Nigeria.

So, take out your pair of reading glasses, pen and paper (or electronic note-taking apparatus) because it’s time to learn about law with your favourite blawger.



  1. Kareem Iyamu

    Glad to have you back.



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